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CASAVIONE remote consists of the hub and the premium-quality controller for easy operation. The established offline‐voice control and a variety of extensions are available as options.

Operate your audio and video devices, your TV and, if desired, your smart home very comfortably. A comprehensive range of functionalities is available for highly convenient daily use.

Whether several remote controls or one universal one - they don't look very good on your table and operating them is not really a pleasure. Numerous apps on one device are also not an alternative, as you have to take the device, log in and open the right app before entering the command.

Get a whole new experience with

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The ingenious controller

For manual operation, we rely on the well-tried controller from SENIC, which has won prestigious design awards.

This premium device is manufactured in Germany, and its firmware is especially adapted for CASAVIONE. With the CASAVIONE remote hub, it makes a combination that is hard to beat.

CASAVIONE remote hub

The CASAVIONE remote hub is the base of your CASAVIONE remote system. It receives your commands from the controller via RF and the voice commands from the connected microphone and forwards them to the devices to be controlled.

The hub also connects to multiple controllers. So you can enjoy the convenience of the unique usage in all your rooms.

For extensive installations or if the range of Bluetooth reaches its limits, hubs can be used to extend a master hub.

Ideal due to the combination with voice control

For many applications, a haptic input device like our CASAVIONE remote controller is the perfect solution. But of course, the smart 'loudspeakers' are also popular because they allow to make inputs very conveniently, even if you don't have your hands free at the moment.

By combining different operating options, CASAVIONE remote provides you with a highly convenient solution that you can use individually and depending on the situation.

Many possibilities already with the standard

Even with the devices directly supported by CASAVIONE remote, you get a system that impresses with its ease of use and many possibilities.

Very simple and intuitive operation

Due to the unique operation of similar functions with only one remote control, the system remains very easy and intuitive to operate. Even with extensive systems, this works fine after a very short time.

Utmost comfort with command sequences

The controller can not only send individual commands to the devices, but also command sequences.

For example, with just one input, you can switch on your devices, make necessary settings, select your current favourite playlist and even activate the appropriate lighting mood if desired.

Data privacy with using offline speech recognition

You couldn't get enthusiastic about voice control until now because you don't want to entrust your voice inputs to the Internet? CASAVIONE remote voice is based on the proven offline voice recognition of Sonos/snips. This means your data stays at home.

With the 'CASAVIONE remote voice' option, operation by voice is also highly convenient and secure.


Smart Home and Internet of Things

These possibilities are expanded almost without limits by connecting Smart Home systems such as KNX, the GIRA Homeserver and Loxone.

The world of the IoT (Internet of Things) is available via the interfaces to the widely used standards Node-RED and MQTT.

A few examples from the wide range of functions

• Select a lighting scene
• Dim your lights precisely
• Zap through radio or TV stations
• Select albums or playlists
• Navigate to the song you want
• Precisely select the volume
• Turn off your entire AV system very easily and reliably

Numerous manufacturers and devices

A selection of manufacturers compatible with CASAVIONE remote can be found in the illustration.

If the manufacturers of your devices are not included, or you would like to know details about your device, we look forward to your enquiry.

A few examples out of many possibilities

Hey snips, set timer to 3 minutes.
Hey snips, switch on the extractor fan.
Hey snips, play 'Music for breakfast'.
Hey snips, switch to HR3.
Hey snips, switch to ARD.
Hey snips, turn down the music.
Hey snips, select scene Relaxation.

Control devices also via infrared

In addition, CASAVIONE remote contains an interface to the Logitech Harmony Hub. Via that devices in the network can be controlled, but also devices that can only be controlled via infrared.

Via the Logitech Harmony Hub, the solution is compatible with more than 270,000 entertainment and Smart Home devices.