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The Smart Integration

With an audio/video system integrated in the home automation system new functionality is possible, considered not possible until now. They provide security and comfortable usage on a completely new level.

Switch on the music automatically

In addition to the ambient light, your music is switched on automatically, when you enter the bath or dining room. Your favourite radio station or playlist is already selected via a universal timer. So you always enjoy the best suitable music or listen to 'your' news.

Simulation of presence

Simulation of presence in your home can be accomplished  by  switching lights on. Add additional security by adding audio and video. From time to time music can play in your kitchen or your TV set in the living room. So you can get the best protection for your home.

Reduce volume automatically

If your phone rings or a visitor rings the door bell while the rock concert in your living room is already up and running, the volume is automatically reduced or the concert pauses. So you don't miss an important call and none of your guests the performance.


Via the 'All-off' functionality all configured devices including lights, your stereo and TV are switched off, if you leave your home or go to bed in the night. This perfectly combines comfort, energy efficiency and security.

Increase volume automatically

But also the opposite is possible: While the kitchen hood provides fresh air in the kitchen or your whirlpool bubbles for your relaxation, the volume is increased modestly, so that you don't miss anything.


The graphical design of CASAVIONE symphonia and CASAVIONE cinephonia is in harmony with the design of your home automation system (here the Gira Homeserver®). If you prefer an individual design for your visualisation, we or your system integrator are pleased to offer you a design according to your wishes. A custom 'look-n-feel', difficult to beat!